Bingo Tutorial


Muckleshoot Bingo makes it easy and fun to play bingo. Even if you’ve never played the game, you’ll be shouting, “Bingo!” before you know it at Destination Machingo®.

How to play the game

  1. Make sure you have your player’s club card.
  2. At the admission window you can buy a bingo package of cards with numbers printed on it.
  3. Numbered balls are drawn out of a machine and called out loudly.
  4. Daub off numbers called that you find on any of your cards.
  5. When you have the pattern showing on the bingo board daubed off, shout “Bingo.” You won! It’s that easy.

Buy-ins to the Bingo Sessions are generally available 1 to 2 hours before the sessions begin. There are a variety of package buy-ins to suit every player. Each bingo card consists of a grid of five columns with each column starting with one of the letters in the word BINGO.

The ball machine mixes the bingo balls and the caller draws the numbers. After a bingo ball is drawn, its number is announced by the bingo caller and displayed on a flashboard and monitors throughout the hall for all the bingo players to see. It is not valid until it is called and depressed in the ball rack.  When the Bingo Caller calls out the numbers as they are randomly selected, the letter is called out first, followed by the number. For example:  G-55, I-24, etc.  If you have the number on the screen – daub it off.  The goal is to get the entire pattern displayed on the flashboard.

This process of selecting and calling bingo balls is repeated until one or more bingo players cover the selected pattern for that bingo game and shout out, “Bingo!” A floor clerk will come over and call back the card face number to the bingo caller; your bingo card will then be displayed on the monitors throughout the hall.  If your bingo is valid your floor clerk will ask you for your player’s club card. The floor clerk will then get your payout from the cage and bring it right to your seat!

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